Whale Watching in Ireland on Its Newest Coastal Route

Whale Watching in Ireland on Its Newest Coastal Route

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Ireland’s southwest coast is one of the easiest places on Earth to see whales, porpoises and dolphins in the wild – and no one knows it yet.

When I saw the first roll of dark skin emerge from the water, I knew we weren’t alone. I was on a boat with Whale Watch West Cork less than a kilometre off the coast of Baltimore, a village on Ireland’s southwest coast, and the captain, Nic Slocum, had just spotted a menacing shadow creeping up from the depths below. He switched off the engine. A moment later, the 10 Spanish, British and German travellers on deck started to shriek: next to our drifting tugboat was a 7.5m-long, bullet-headed minke whale, capable of knocking us sideways.

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