Why Does the $7.6T Global Travel Industry Ignore Single Parents?

Why Does the $7.6T Global Travel Industry Ignore Single Parents?

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Single mother and her two daughters

As a single mom, Kayt Sukel traveled with her kid. A lot. The freelance science writer and partner at TravelSavvyMom and her son, now 10, have visited more than 25 countries — and a whole lot of resorts, hotels, airlines and tours.

Sukel is often frustrated by the lack of options for single parents.

“A lot of family destinations are great at providing childcare options now — a kid’s club or camp on site,” says Sukel, who lives in Houston and continues to travel extensively with her new husband and stepdaughter. “But they aren’t as good as providing singles options. I don’t want to go to the dance club, nor am I interested in a couples massage by myself. Let me know that I have options, as a single, beyond heading back to my room and reading a book.”

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