Why Family Travel Insurance is More Important Than Ever

Why Family Travel Insurance is More Important Than Ever

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Each day’s news cycle seems scarier than the day before, whether that is due to hurricanes, forest fires, earthquakes, terrorism, or political unrest. It can feel far too daunting to book travel months in advance given the unpredictable nature of our world right now.

These are the moments when travel insurance is more essential than ever. To wait until things stabilize often means missing out on valuable travel experiences because families wait too long to book a trip. Insurance offers travelers, and especially families, an affordable way to protect their travel expenses. It also provides essential benefits beyond cancellation coverage, like evacuation and health coverage, that families often need when going abroad (or even domestically).

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Insurance for Families

Savvy customers may know the ins and outs of their homeowner policy or car insurance coverage, but travel insurance can feel mysterious to first-time purchasers.

How much does it cost?

Many clients are surprised to learn that travel insurance is actually quite affordable. Insurance typically prices out at 4 to 7 percent of the costs covered. Most families choose to insure the big, upfront expenses like airline tickets, accommodations and any activities they’ve paid for in advance.

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