Why You Should Travel with Your Parents Right Now

Why You Should Travel with Your Parents Right Now

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Its strange how you can be with your parents from your birth, and even after 45 years you learn things about them that you never knew. How is that possible that the people you practically spend the most time with are still a mystery? I believe it’s because most of your lifetime they are playing a role, as if our life was a play. They play the role of caregiver, disciplinarian, and coach.

My parents always had a way of dishing out love and fear equally. But now as an adult I can understand that they really did have the best intentions and did many things that I questioned out of love and desire for my success. However as we all age we change, we become wiser, we mellow out, we let down our parenting walls and become just people. Their roles as parents are never ever done, but they do evolve. And I find that one of the best ways to reap the benefits of this evolution is to spend time with them, and for me that means traveling with them for a little family travel bonding time.

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