About the Family Travel Association Website

About the Family Travel Association Website

The mission of the Family Travel Association is to inspire families to travel!

To help you find the information you need to motivate and then plan your family getaways, we are curating the best family travel content on the web from leading resources in the business, including writers and bloggers, media outlets, family travel websites and companies that serve traveling families.

To make it easier to find what you need, we’ve designed four ways to filter through all our resources:


Not yet sure of your plans? Use our IDEAS tool to inspire you.


Ready to start planning but looking for a place to go or things to do in a place you’ve already identified? Check out our map to discover WHERE there are great family travel experiences.


Ready to start planning but looking for information about the many considerations involved in doing so? Go here to review HOW to organize your family travel.


Preparing for departure and looking for helping hints about frequently discussed topics in family travel? Let us offer you some ADVICE.

You can, of course, help make it ever better. If you read or write something compelling about any aspect of family travel and wish us to consider it for inclusion in the Family Travel Association mix, please send us a note about it at editorial@familytravel.org. Be sure to include the web address of the article and its title.

This version of the Family Travel Association website was launched in early April 2015, so keep coming back to us for the more great articles, advice and inspiration.