Jenn Lee, TPI

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International Vice President of Industry Engagement and Support, Travel Planners

Jenn Lee, Travel Planners International’s VP of Industry Engagement and Support, isn’t shy about her obsession for guiding and leading today’s entrepreneurial-minded travel advisor community. According to Lee, the travel industry is amid a generational change. With veteran advisors and agency owners ready to pass the torch to the next generation, it is imperative that the industry attracts, coaches, and retains the best talent to craft and fulfill the next rendition of the travel advisor role. She believes that those that find success are the ones going beyond boosting their bank account; they’re building a business.
Drawing from her business consulting days, Lee consistently designs sales, marketing and business building curriculum serving the advisor community, through webinars, in person sessions and speaking the industry’s biggest stages. Proudly serving the travel industry, Lee holds positions on the ASTA Corprate Advisory Council, Carnival Executive Advisory, Travel Age West Advisory and Collette Advisory Board.