Bryanna Royal

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Bryanna, her husband Craig, their 4 kids and 2 dogs sold their house in May 2014, and almost everything in it, bought an RV and are now traveling around the US. They blog about their adventures at Their goal is to inspire families to get out and travel more! When they aren’t out hiking to the top of mountains you can find them on the beach or at the local donut shop searching for the best donut in the US.

They chose this lifestyle so they can focus more on family time, simplifying their life, and traveling! In order to maintain this lifestyle they have started an online business called Virtual Powerhouse ( where they help small businesses with social media, blogging, and enewsletters. They have recently added web design and SEO work. They also offer coaching to other people looking to build an online business or starting a travel blog .

They have chosen to Unschool their kids. Which is a method of schooling that focuses on the fact that learning never stops. It also allows their kids to find their passions and pursue them to the fullest. You can learn more about their Unschooling journey here:

There is no end date in site for their adventure and they hope to eventually get into Mexico and overseas to continue exploring as a family!

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