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Personal Statement

EverythingMom is a family lifestyle site providing moms with ideas on dinner, crafts, products of interest and books to share with the kids. The site has grown over the years as a trusted source for families, extending that trust into family travel.

Like many people, Carrie Anne believed traveling would change after she had kids, until she had her three children. Travel after kids doesn’t stop, it’s just redefined. It creates family connections and experiences sometimes lost between school, work, and outside commitments.

Within EverythingMom’s family travel section you’ll find hotels that cater to the needs of kids without feeling childish, dining options that don’t involve a children’s menu and plastic tablecloths, and destinations not always highlighted for families. Along with sharing travel ideas for families, you’ll also find ideas encouraging moms to take time for themselves. Moms have a lot of influence on their family so taking care of herself is important.

EverythingMom extends their travel ideas and opinions in social media too, having been invited as a twitter chat contributor for brands like Travel & Leisure, Florida Tourism, and American Express Canada. By sharing the joy of traveling with kids, the hope is that more families will travel together now, not waiting until the kids are older, and expand their destinations.

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