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I am an experienced and award-winning editor and writer with 20 years working in media. What began with a BFA in Writing, Literature and Publishing from Emerson College in Boston led to an exciting editing and writing career first in magazines and then to the web as Editor-in-Chief of a consumer travel website with 750,000 unique visitors per month.

I have spent my life moving around the U.S. — the Midwest, Florida, Atlanta, Boston and now Northeast — and growing up, my history-loving father tried to show me every detail of American history through day trips and weekenders. Without realizing it, he set up the kindling for my eventual wanderlust. After finding a $240 round-trip flight to London, I got my first passport, hopped a flight, and was forever in love with traveling outside of the country. London ignited my wanderlust and ever since, I travel as often as I can. If I’m not traveling by plane, I’m in a car, exploring my town, county, state… I never stop moving.

As Editor-in-Chief of Family Vacation Critic, part of the Smarter Travel and TripAdvisor media group, I am deeply rooted in family travel, speaking to media outlets and at conferences about the best places to travel with kids and offering tips and advice. When I’m not working or traveling with kids, I travel solo. I have never written about my solo excursions, but the people in my life have been telling me for years to start writing down my stories, and thus, here we are. I’ll be blogging about my personal travel adventures here. Maybe I’ll make you laugh; maybe I’ll give you the inspiration to hit the road.

My favorite thing about the work I do is helping others plan their perfect vacations. I love helping anyone who wants to know my thoughts or advice on where to go, what to see, where to stay, and I am open to answering any travel-related questions without bias. If you’re looking for ideas, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll be happy to help!

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