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After working a thousand years for the Los Angeles Times, Tokyo Journal, PC World, the Industry Standard and other publishers, Maryann Jones Thompson founded ROAM Family Travel to share insight with other parents who want to kidnap their kids from phones, Fortnite, friends, sports, and homework and take them on adventures near and far.

ROAM Reports are authentic tales of unique experiences written by parents who want to share the details of their vacations – both good and bad – with others who want to make the most of the all-too-short window of years where family vacations are do-able.

Maryann brings her experience as a backpacker, businessperson, expat, and mom to the travel beat. She’s trekked, resort-hopped, cruised, played, and packed her kids – from their “small” days to their “tall” ones – across six continents for more than two decades. Wherever she goes, Maryann loves returning to her native California, where she lives near San Francisco with her husband and two teens.

Maryann is an award-winning travel writer and a regular contributor to Los Angeles Times Travel, Marin Independent Journal, and other publications. She pays the bills as a journalist, ghostwriter, and editor covering business innovation, software and travel, with considerable expertise on Californian destinations, as well as independent, adventure and international travel with kids.

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