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Travel with Boys

Founder, writer and editor of Trip Chiefs, Nicci O’Mara is helping busy parents save time, money and stress when planning a big family trip, by providing them with the right tools, knowledge and a helpful community.

Nicci’s aim is to get more families traveling, so they can experience the benefits of travel with their kids. She’s striving to help those parents who are stuck finding the time or the money, or who are overwhelmed by the excess of information out there.

Through Trip Chiefs, she is developing a series of online programs to provide parents with step-by-step guidance on saving, planning and embarking on their trip, through the use of video tutorials, checklists, worksheets, stories, and a supportive online community.

Nicci is also the founder, writer, and editor of Travel with Boys. This niche family travel blog helps to give parents the confidence, inspiration and resources to get out there and create some amazing memories with their boys. Nicci is bringing the fun back into family trips, as she searches for the best things to see, eat, stay and play throughout Australia and the world.

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