Paige Conner Totaro

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Paige Conner Totaro is a travel writer focusing on family experiential travel, food and drink, and solo female travel. She became fascinated with travel and cultures as a child, when she met an exchange student who described his difficulty in learning to nod his head for yes and shake it side to side for no. The fact that something that seemed so natural to her did not exist in his culture made her question all of the customs around her, and she delved into language learning, travelogues, and books to learn about the world until she could start traveling on her own. Paige took an 11-month trip around the world with her husband and twin 13-year-old daughters in 2012-13, visiting 28 countries along the way. But the world is rather large and there is plenty more to see, so she is always planning the next adventure.

Paige was a founder of Misra Records, a founding board member of Transformer in Washington, DC, and a longtime board member and director of Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts. Paige is a fan of Scandinavian design, Ethiopian food, Canadian hospitality, Japanese vintage stores, Brazilian music and Thai beaches, but also American craft beer, garage rock and roller derby. There’s a reason her company is called All Over the Map.

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