‘Grandma, would you please pass the incredible adventures?’

please pass the #travelsauceEveryone around the feast-strewn table goes quiet. You can see the twinkle in her eye as she considers the short stack of travel catalogues piled next to the cooling pecan pie. Her faraway look tells you she’s pondering delicious journeys past and considering her appetite for travel future… with you and the rest of the family.

“Sure darling,” says Grandma. “would you like some extra #travelsauce with that too?”

Holidays really are the ideal time – bellies full, spirits high, good will in abundance – to sit with kin and plan next year’s perfect family vacation.

bellies full, it's time to pass the #travelsauceSo set aside some time this coming holiday to talk with your extended family about dream destinations, trips and attractions next year!

And then tell us what you decided.

Be sure to use #TravelSauce so we can find it.



  • Research your favorite family travel destinations and activities.
  • Bookmark the websites, order magazines or catalogues.
  • Hungry for some great (and perhaps new) family travel suggestions? Check out the full list of FTA members, champions of the best family travel options, both in the U.S. and abroad.
  • For subliminal impact – it never hurts to be a little devious – cook a dish from your preferred destination and slip it into the meal! Or suggest watching a movie that uses the destination as a backdrop. And set the mood by putting on some music from there.


  • Gather the family around the glowing warmth of the laptop or tablet, with some catalogue kindling for good measure.
  • Talk about your family’s best vacation options for next year.

In the mood for some more excellent inspiration? Check out these seven steps you can take toward planning your family vacation over the holidays!

#TravelSauce – Family Travel Planning… with Relish (Pun Intended)