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Taking family time at home with LiLing Pang of Trekaroo

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The coronavirus may have grounded family travel, but it can’t take away your family time. We hope you’ll join us in taking this time together to discover new ways to engage with the world—from a distance.

Today we check in with LiLing Pang from her family’s home in Pacifica, CA. LiLing is the co-founder and CEO of


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LiLing Pang –  Founder of

LiLing Pang is the Co-founder and CEO of She was born in Singapore where she first caught the adventurous streak while camping on deserted islands in Malaysia with her family. Little did she

realize that these small “back island” trips would set her on a path where travel was to define her life.

Leaving life on the small, safe island of Singapore, she traveled halfway around the world emboldened by curiosity. She spent her college years at the University of Pennsylvania. At the Wharton Business School, she cringed through finance classes but loved everything about entrepreneurship. Her sense of adventure and innovation found new focus and structure.

Her career began as a stealthy competitive market researcher. This was followed by riding the rollercoaster of the first bubble at a large digital marketing agency. After selling her soul marketing Barbies to young girls online, she decided it was time to make her own way.

In 2008, as a mom of two boys, she was determined to carry on the legacy of travel with her children. She soon realized that traveling with kids was a whole different kind of adventure. At the time, there were few resources to help traveling families. So, together with her husband, Brennan, and a small team, they launched Trekaroo.

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Under her leadership, Trekaroo has weathered the internet’s ups and downs. With more than a decade in the family travel space, LiLing’s curiosity and willingness to try anything has made for many exciting

adventures within the travel industry.

As a family travel industry consultant, she brings road-tested insights within the family travel space. She thrives on helping destinations and travel brands create wow experiences for families, and being smart about getting those stories told.



Aaron Schlein - Director of FTA podcast - Speaker collage

Thanks to the generosity of his grandmother, Aaron Schlein traveled to four continents and a dozen countries before he was old enough to vote. Those early trips convinced him that travel is an essential part of life.

More than two decades later, Aaron remains inspired by his grandmother’s generosity. He is committed to honoring her legacy by sharing the gift of travel with his own kids—and by helping other parents do the same.

Aaron is the host of Family Travel Radio—a weekly podcast presented by The Family Travel Association.

Aaron also helps new entrepreneurs use their personal stories to build a network, expand influence, and strengthen relationships.

Aaron lives in Sacramento, California with his wife and two children (who are growing up too fast!)

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