FTA Launches #TakeFamilyTime Campaign

FTA Launches #TakeFamilyTime Campaign

Take Family Time is the new FTA Advocacy Campaign.

The Family Travel Association is excited to announce the launch of #TakeFamilyTime, an advocacy campaign meant to rally its membership around the alarming trend of American parents not using all their vacation days and raise the awareness of the importance of traveling together as a family. Continuing what the US Travel Association started with Project:Time Off, The Family Travel Association has drafted a plan to address what is clearly one of our industry’s biggest challenges.

In the most recent FTA Family Travel Survey (2019), we spoke to adults with at least one child under 17 in their household, and they told us that:

  • 55% who receive paid time off from their employer said they aren’t using all of it
  • 17% said they used less than half of their paid time off

Adults with children appear to deprioritize time off even more than the general U.S. population. In a separate US Travel Association 2018 study (the last conducted), 52% of employees reported having unused vacation days at the end of 2017.

“It’s disconcerting to all of us at the FTA, that despite the clear and stated benefits of traveling as a family, so many adults don’t prioritize the financial and time investment,” said FTA Founder Rainer Jenss.

“In this way, our members will be speaking with one voice as much as possible, and the FTA can then amplify those voices, and cross-promote that content within and outside the organization,” Jenss said.

The FTA dove deeper into the reasons why adults don’t prioritize family vacations at our FTA Summit, Oct. 21-24, 2019, in Custer State Park, South Dakota.