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Hi fellow traveler! My name is Terri Weeks and I love to travel. I left my first career as a mechanical engineer in order to raise my three children. During that time, I began speaking and writing about travel. A friend and I wrote the bestselling guidebook Adventures Around Cincinnati. I’ve also written a blog and contributed to various publications. My husband Curtis and I took our kids to all 50 states and over a dozen countries while they were growing up. After our nest emptied, I decided to use my experience to help other families. I am passionate about helping others strengthen their relationships through traveling, and I consider travel to be an essential part of a child’s education. As a travel agent, I can utilize my expertise to advise others on a much more personal level.

Why book with me:

  • I help clients develop and execute a long-term master travel plan to achieve their travel goals.
  • Rather than specializing in a destination or specific type of travel, I specialize in my clients. I get to know their interests and preferences and tap into my network to plan their trips.
  • I plan many different types of trips, including customized road trips to National Parks and other classic US vacation destinations.