Gunes Hopson

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Independent Travel Concierge & Advisor with My Path Unwinding Travel

From a very young age, I have been traveling with my family and always have loved to travel. In fact, my first international trip was as a toddler on a trans-Atlantic flight to Turkey with my parents. I clearly caught the travel bug during that fateful journey, as I since have visited 35 countries (and counting!), as well as 46 states (including Alaska and Hawaii), and have been on 10+ cruises.

I am a huge Disney enthusiast (Minnie forever!) and especially love sailing on Disney Cruise Line. Cruises, luxury travel, and family vacations are among some of my favorite things (in addition to coffee, wine, and chocolate). I also love to blog about my travels and am a bit of a photog (check out for the latest on those fronts).

Whether I’m staying in a fine hotel or chatting with a call center agent on the phone, the experience of superb customer service absolutely delights me. In addition, I am passionate about details and know how to read the fine print (proven by my law degree). When I decided to become a travel advisor, I knew that melding these two concepts would be an essential formula: Service + Taking Care of Details = Your Vacay Concierge!

As your vacay concierge, I elevate your travel planning experience through a premier level of service. I handle every detail on your behalf and save you from all the hassles that a person typically experiences when planning a vacation. For example, you no longer have to spend days or even weeks investigating itineraries: I will do all that research for you, or I already may have a perfect vetted and customizable itinerary available. What about those confusing cancellation and refund policies? I am here to translate and advise on booking terms, putting your mind at ease.

When I serve as your vacay concierge, there’s no need to wait to actually travel to begin relaxing. From the moment we first interact, I will alleviate any planning stress and will design the perfect getaway, acting as your quintessential wanderlust resource all along the way.