Our Whole Village

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At Our Whole Village, we find adventures and activities that connect families with the world, its people and cultures. We look for transformative experiences that help families to create long-lasting memories and raise mindful and globally responsible kids while making a difference in the world (50% of our profits go to projects and organizations that promote education and conservation worldwide).


1. We Find the Best Family Experiences.

Our trips, tours and activities are fun and enriching for the whole family.
A fun class, a unique tour, an unforgettable trip – you name it. Each provider goes through a vetting process to ensure they are both eco- and family-friendly.

2. You Grow as a Family

Our activities and adventures cater to everyone, so adults and kids alike can enjoy fun experiences, connect with the world, and grow – together.
Our goal is to help create confident parents, build stronger families and raise good global citizens.

3. Together, We Make a Difference

We are passionate about discovering the best experiences for our families, but are equally committed to making the world a better place. By booking with us, you support organizations that foster education and conservation worldwide.