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Dr. Kelly Reed is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Petit Passeport, an online travel publication producing the list of the World’s Finest Hotels & Resorts for Families and curated content for a community of travelers who are passionate about pursuing exceptional family experiences.

Petit Passeport aims to be the go-to, trusted resource and one-stop-shop for inspiration and information on distinctive family travel.
The mission of Petit Passeport is to encourage more families to explore the world together by elevating family travel.

We believe that when families forge connections with places and people around the world, we build stronger bonds, make priceless memories, gain greater understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures, and raise our children to become more responsible, compassionate global citizens.

Petit Passeport’s Editors — one, a research scientist and management consultant; the other, a detail-obsessed food and wine enthusiast — share a love of distinctive travel that dates back to when they got married in the French countryside to share their passion for French food, wine, and culture (French is literally in their DNA) with their closest family and friends.

Since then, the Editors have traveled the world with their two children (each of whom received a petit passeport practically enclosed with their birth certificate), having been fortunate enough to visit and study firsthand 50+ of the World’s Finest Hotels & Resorts for Families to inform their multi-year research.

Today, Petit Passeport has grown into a global community of family travelers, experts, and professionals who provide and rely on content, reviews, and insider advice aimed at helping more families travel well.

Conscious travel and paying it forward are founding principles of Petit Passeport, which is why we donate 10% of our proceeds to charitable nonprofit organizations supporting children and the environment.