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Feeling overwhelmed by the number of ranch vacation opportunities available? We’re here to help! Top50 Ranches was created in 2010 to help take some of the guesswork out of finding a ranch vacation so you, the guest, can have peace of mind.

Top50 has helped thousands of people just like you to find their ideal ranch and riding vacation, and we’d love to do the same for you! Our goal is always to help give you the opportunity of a lifetime by helping you select the appropriate ranch, for an experience you’ll never forget.

With Top50, you know what you get before you book and we will help you with the process. You’ll know what to expect before you arrive at your ranch, so you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your vacation.

On, we give each featured ranch several tabbed pages of detailed information about their programs, locations, travel details and much more, along with a link to the ranch’s own website. Top50 guests are better informed and we believe that results in a better ranch vacation experience.
You may always speak directly with us, too.

Calling Top50 Ranch’s new Concierge Service is always a personal experience; we will give you the complete picture on the ranch you are interested in.

Contact our Concierge line any time at 707/217-5205, or email us at

We Know You, Because We Are You!

We too, have been that guest seeking the right ranch experience. We know ranch vacations, even when you’re not sure yourself!

Top50 chooses ranches that strive for excellence in hospitality. A Top50 ranch is not a ranch that just seeks guest arrivals, it is a ranch that wants their guests’ experiences and expectations to fit with their unique ranch offering. If a Top50 ranch is not for you, we’ll tell you and you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your chosen ranch will give you the very best stay available.

Each person’s idea of the ideal ranch experience differs and Top50 has reached out to find a wide selection of ranches offering a variety of experiences. Each Top50 ranch offers distinctive opportunities, from luxury to authentic working cattle or even sheep ranches.

We hope we will inspire you through our beautiful photos, too! Our goal always is to bring the best of ranch country to the world and to guests like you – we want to help you choose the right dude ranch vacation for you.

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