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TravPRO Mobile is a specialized technology provider for mobile B2B Learning, Sales Enablement and Virtual Events for travel organizations. Our unified mobile content platform connects organizational Learning and Sales related content for individual audiences through customized native apps, and larger group audiences through our XpoPRO virtual event platform. This unique approach to content and technology provides a seamless flow of information and connectivity that is truly “always on” for any audience, on any device, at any time.

Specific to our FTA membership and critical to our partner’s ability to stay top of mind with advisors throughout the year is participation in our 2021 virtual event calendar. The full schedule of XpoPRO hosted events are below, as well as a link to experience the platform. We look forward to seeing you there!

June 1: Family Travel Xpo
June 29: All-American Roadshow
Aug 3: Romance Travel Xpo
Oct 5: Luxury Travel Xpo
Dec 2: Europe Travel Xpo

TravPRO Mobile

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