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Welcome to We3Travel, a family travel blog! We are the Grubers…Tamara (that’s me), Glenn and Hannah. Our family of three is exploring the world one trip at a time from our home base in Rhode Island.

Tamara is the obsessive travel planner, Glenn is the family chef and sommelier, and Hannah keeps us adventuring. We are always hunting for cheap international flights, but we also love road trips, National Parks, and discovering hidden gems in nearby New England.

When Glenn can’t tag along, Hannah and I head out on mother-daughter trips that usually involve some sort of adventure or an epic road trip.

We believe that traveling together strengthens our family bonds and creates long-lasting memories. It has also helped us raise an empowered, resilient teen girl who is open to new experiences and cares deeply about our world and other people.

We love finding emerging destinations, having cultural/educational experiences, adventuring outside together, and exploring a destination through its food. We hope you will follow along!