Family Road Trips: Bring Back the Magic

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Family Travel Radio is hitting the highway to rediscover the magic of the family road trip.

Today on Family Travel Radio, we’re talking about family road trips. Caroline Beteta from Visit California shares several of her favorite family adventures on the roads of the Golden State, as well as some exciting news about one of California’s most iconic highways.

Later, we’ll chat with the “King of the Road Trip” himself, author Richard Ratay. Richard shares some of his secrets for recreating the magical family road trips of yesteryear.

Guest #1: Caroline Beteta, CEO of Visit California


Pro tip

  • Travel is shaping your child’s life—but they may not know it until they are adults.

Guest #2: Richard Ratay, author of Don’t Make Me Pull Over!: An Informal History of the Family Road Trip


Pro tips

  • The magic of family road trips is in the shared experiences.
  • Place limits on electronic devices in the car
  • Plan great stops along the way
  • Start road-tripping with your kids from the beginning

About Your Host

Aaron Schlein is a family man, entrepreneur, and podcaster who knows first-hand about the transformational power of family travel.

When Aaron was a teenager, he began exploring the world with his grandmother, Shirley Schlein—to whom he is eternally grateful for igniting his passion for travel. Becoming a father inspired Aaron to pay forward his grandmother’s generosity and create media content to inspire parents to travel the world with their kids.

In the summer of 2018, Aaron partnered with the Family Travel Association to produce its official podcast, Family Travel Radio. Aaron lives in Sacramento, CA with his wife and two children (who are growing up too fast!)