Family Cruise Vacations: There’s Something For Everyone!

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Show your kids the world. Unpack once.

Once upon a time, cruising was reserved for the very wealthy.

These days, cruise ships have become destinations of their own with lovely accommodations, top-notch dining, and activities for the whole family.

Throw in a few exotic ports of call, and the question becomes: is there a better family vacation?



Heidi Allison-Shane – President of CruiseCompete LLC & Publisher of All Things Cruise

Heidi Allison writes for numerous travel publications. He experience is diverse, and her assignments have included Princess Cruises, American Hawaii Cruises, Norwegian American Line and American Express Meetings & Incentives.

She has enjoyed over 67 cruises on various lines and has managed projects for numerous Fortune 100 companies throughout the world including Africa, Antarctica, the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Asia and South America.

Ms. Allison-Shane lives in Rochester, Michigan, with her husband and two children.

Huw James – Founder of Anturus

Huw James is a Welsh Scientist, Adventurer and Film Maker. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and creates educational films and talks under his organisation Anturus.

Huw has been delivering live science shows for over 10 years. His audiences are over 600,000 people on six continents and over 2 million on TV and YouTube. His background in Astronomy and Geology has pushed him to explore the world on a variety of expeditions all for science.

His mission going forward is to inform a new generation of custodians for our natural world and everything that lives in it by tackling the big three problems of pollution, climate change and wildlife extinction.

FTR Recommmends…

Caribbean Cruising by Rina Nehdar for Global Traveler

Traveling to foreign countries doesn’t have to be scary. Traveling with family of all ages doesn’t have to be difficult. All-inclusive trips, like cruises, offer so many activities – and levels of cultural immersion – you can choose what’s right for you and it doesn’t have to be right for every family member. This way, everyone’s interests are satisfied and their sanity preserved.


About Your Host

Aaron Schlein visited 12 countries on four continents before his 18th birthday—all thanks to the generosity of his grandmother. The impact of those trips convinced him that travel is an essential part of life.

Becoming a father inspired Aaron to become an advocate for youth travel and create media content that encourages parents to travel with their kids.

“Traveling adds immeasurable positivity to my life.” Aaron says. “I’m working to ensure that young people have the same inspiration and opportunity to explore that world that I had.”

Aaron is the founder of Dramatic Media LLC—a multi-media company that promotes the power of travel through video, audio, photo, and written content.

Aaron is also the host of Family Travel Radio—a podcast presented by The Family Travel Association and produced by Dramatic Media LLC.

Aaron lives in Sacramento, California with his wife and two children (who are growing up too fast!)