Ethical Animal Experiences for Families

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What better way to connect with your family on vacation than by sharing a volunteer adventure overseas!?

Animal Experience International offers safe, ethical, and authentic volunteer experiences. They only partner with locally run conservation and animal programs and make sure that all volunteering absolutely does help the animals and the environment.



Nora Livingstone – Co-founder of Animal Experience International

Making memories with your family while helping animals? Nora Livingstone doesn’t think there is anything better.

Nora is the co-founder and volunteer coordinator of Animal Experience International. She has volunteered with animals in places such as Nepal, Oman, Sierra Leone and Costa Rica. She loves the idea of empowering people to live their dreams and travel while helping animals.

Nora holds a double major from Trent University in Environmental Studies and Cultural Anthropology. She is an Online Suicide Intervention Specialist and holds an internationally recognised competency certificate from the QPR institute. She recently became a Good Travels Travel Advisor.

While working as a volunteer coordinator at a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Canada, Nora was able to gain extensive knowledge of volunteer management. Nora holds FEMA certifications for volunteering, leadership and deployment during natural disasters, which she has put to good use rescuing animals in places like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Having spent thousands of hours in planes, trains, tuk-tuks, buses, canoes and in her hiking boots. She loves the transformative nature of travel, for individuals and families.

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