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Lily Huckleberry just might be your kids’ new best friend.

Audrey Smit is the author behind the popular children’s book character who encourages kids to be curious about the world and always ready for adventure.



Audrey Smit – Founder & Designer of This Little Street

Audrey is the founder & designer behind This Little Street – a design company that creates a happy world of colors for kids. Audrey is also the co-author and illustrator of a new travel series for kids called The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry, a book series that encourages kids to be curious about the world and always ready for adventure, to dream and dare. The first book (Scandinavia) was released in October 2018 and has already received several awards, and the second book (Japan) is coming out November 2019. Born and raised in France, Audrey now lives in Berkeley, CA with her Danish Viking of a husband and their 4 spirited little girls.

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Thanks to the generosity of his grandmother, Aaron Schlein traveled to four continents and a dozen countries before he was old enough to vote. Those early trips convinced him that travel is an essential part of life.

More than two decades later, Aaron remains inspired by his grandmother’s generosity. He is committed to honoring her legacy by sharing the gift of travel with his own kids—and by helping other parents do the same.

Aaron is the host of Family Travel Radio—a weekly podcast presented by The Family Travel Association.

Aaron also helps new entrepreneurs use their personal stories to build a network, expand influence, and strengthen relationships.

Aaron lives in Sacramento, California with his wife and two children (who are growing up too fast!)

Learn more at AaronSchlein.com.