Ancestry Travel: Exploring Your Family’s Heritage

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Where in the world are your family’s roots?

Ancestry travel allows your family to explore the world with a purpose—to learn about the people and places that contribute to your heritage.



Kirsten Maxwell – Owner/Editor of Kids are a Trip!

Kirsten is the Owner/Editor of Kids Are A Trip. She is based in Dallas and her team of contributors are spread around the country. She is a Travelocity and Moon Travel Guides ambassador, and co-founder of the Facebook group, Luxe Family Trips. A former teacher, she truly believes travel is an education and feels fortunate her three boys have learned about different cultures as the family has traveled to 25 countries and counting. Her work has been featured on NBC, The Washington Post, Costco Connection, Lonely Planet, and various national publications. She is a member of SATW, NATJA, ATTA, FTA, and TBIN.


Thanks to the generosity of his grandmother, Aaron Schlein traveled to four continents and a dozen countries before he was old enough to vote. Those early trips convinced him that travel is an essential part of life.

More than two decades later, Aaron remains inspired by his grandmother’s generosity. He is committed to honoring her legacy by sharing the gift of travel with his own kids—and by helping other parents do the same.

Aaron is the host of Family Travel Radio—a weekly podcast presented by The Family Travel Association.

Aaron also helps new entrepreneurs use their personal stories to build a network, expand influence, and strengthen relationships.

Aaron lives in Sacramento, California with his wife and two children (who are growing up too fast!)

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As the ultimate destination for family road trips, South Dakota offers the best of affordable travel with historic experiences, iconic attractions, quirky roadside stops and classic Americana ambiance. Whether you’re a child or an adult, South Dakota’s family offerings combine education and excitement to give you a vacation to remember.

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