Embracing the unexpected & facing the unknown

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Fearlessly traveling the world with her son who has cerebral palsy taught this mom a priceless lesson about embracing the unexpected and facing the unknown.


Marsh Naidoo –  Mom & Creator of RaisingKellan.org

Marsh is a passionate world traveler and mom to 7 year-old Kellan, who is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Marsh’s mission is to help reduce the parental anxiety that comes with facing the unknown, such as is the case with childhood developmental delay and disability.

Travel has always been huge for Marsh’s family.

Marsh set off backpacking through Europe after she completed her physical therapy degree in South Africa, and the wanderlust did not stop there. She moved to the United States to work physical therapist, and she met her husband when visiting her parents in South Africa. This is where they thought they would plant roots, but Kellan had other plans…

Kellan’s subsequent birth changed the course of their lives. Marsh’s husband would say that her nomadic spirit uncloaked as she set about finding measures to move Kellan toward his best functional independence.

Marsh blogs blogs at RaisingKellan.org.




Aaron Schlein - Director of FTA podcast - Speaker collage

Thanks to the generosity of his grandmother, Aaron Schlein traveled to four continents and a dozen countries before he was old enough to vote. Those early trips convinced him that travel is an essential part of life.

More than two decades later, Aaron remains inspired by his grandmother’s generosity. He is committed to honoring her legacy by sharing the gift of travel with his own kids—and by helping other parents do the same.

Aaron is the host of Family Travel Radio—a weekly podcast presented by The Family Travel Association.

Aaron also helps new entrepreneurs use their personal stories to build a network, expand influence, and strengthen relationships.

Aaron lives in Sacramento, California with his wife and two children (who are growing up too fast!)

Learn more at AaronSchlein.com.