Q&A: Mariana Watson, Commercial Director of Coltur Peru

Q&A: Mariana Watson, Commercial Director of Coltur Peru

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Coltur Peru has spent 65 years spreading a love for Peru and creating positive impact through travel.

The travel company has roots in a family history of adventure and travel, “deeply engrained ethics, extensive knowledge of our country and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.”

A member of the Family Travel Association, Coltur Peru is especially excited to welcome back families traveling internationally in the year ahead. We talked with Commercial Director Mariana Watson about what Coltur Peru stands for and what’s next.


  1. Please tell FTA members about COLTUR Peru’s work and mission.

We are a Destination Management Company (DMC) headquartered in

Peru since 1957. At heart, we are one big family of travel specialists crafting experiences, curating itineraries, and operating trips for travel professionals with whom we share a devotion for splendidly done travel.

  1. Why is family travel something you’re passionate about?

Coltur is a family company – three generations have led the company with the same enthusiasm as day 1. Our passion for travel in Peru is rooted in our own childhood memories, which are filled with countless family road trips around the country.

We know how powerful travel can be. Our children learn to see the world from different perspectives and develop essential life skills and values, as they are encouraged to become more adventurous, curious, adaptable, and confident.

  1. What makes Peru unique as a destination?

Peru is well-known for its cultural heritage, our history is one of richest in the world, and there is so much to explore and learn from that side. What many people may not know, is that our country is considered a cradle of civilization – and the reason behind it is our huge diversity of landscapes!

Peru boasts 84 of 117 life zones existing on planet Earth, so to really understand our history and our people, we must explore different regions: Millenarian archeological sites, deserts filled with the softest sand dunes next to the great Pacific Ocean, and rainforests vibrating with the sounds of monkeys and jaguars.

  1. Please tell us a bit about the various challenges you’ve faced with marketing travel recently.

I guess the most important challenge has been for our partners and their clients to feel confident to book international trips again. It has taken a while and a lot of transparent communication from our side as a DMC, and the most effective action has been to be in constant contact, available always. Face-to-face calls have been key.

Our relationships with our partners are now even stronger, our family grows as we build back our businesses together. Our purpose became much clearer during the pandemic: To create positive impact in our community and to share our love for Peru.

  1. When it comes to family travel in 2022, what’s your main piece of advice/wisdom?

Invest in a good advisor and TAKE THAT TRIP! The most precious gift we have in life is time with our loved ones, away from the routine. Explore some place new, enjoy the outdoors, create special moments that will inspire great conversations that will be remembered always. Make that happen, and don’t miss a second.

  1. Anything else you want people to know about the work you’re doing?

Coltur has been a pioneer in Peru as a specialist in family travel, and proud FTA members almost since the beginning of the association.

We are currently in the process of getting our certification.

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